how to make missional entrepreneurship actionable?

This initiative came out of a conversation around how to make Missional Entrepreneurship more actionable. The goal is to use your business also as a ministry, but how to know where to start?

Just like we would approach a traditional business consulting, the first step is to assess where they currently are at and what is working well along with where the opportunity areas are.

Next Steps

Scoring Process

Step 1: Intake Data

Step 2: Analyze Data

Step 3: Provide Actionable Recommendations

The challenge came to figuring out how to make missional entrepreneurship quantifiable in order to give a score.

The answer was to identify which are the functional areas we would be analyzing and what thresholds would indicate a healthy score.

Quantitative & Qualitative

Scoring Factors

In traditional business consulting there are a number of areas which are assesed in order to understand the overall health of an organization such as people, product, process and profit. Then to bring in more of the missional side we expanded it to include purpose, place and planet.


How well do we demonstrate an attractive and intentional spirituality.


How well are we providing products and services of high quality and wholesome purpose.


How rooted are we in our desire is to be kind to and bless our employees.


How well do we demonstrate efficiency and kindness throughout our systems.


How well do we demonstrate a healthy approach to organizational profitability.


How well do we demonstrate interest and generosity to the local community.


How well do we demonstrate an attractive and intentional spirituality.

Once the assessment has been taken, a score could then be given in each of the various functional assessmetn areas. This then forms the basis for recommending contextual training, resources or consulting based on the specific needs.

Head over to the Hyve International website to take the assessment, powered by Advent Ventures, and learn how you can better improve your business and ministry!