of startups


The reasons are usually the same:
failure to launch due to lack of experience, processes and funding. Failure to scale due to poorly architected technology, poorly planned or executed go to market plan and ultimately failure to sustain due to burnout often caused by work/life balance issues.

there is Good News! :)

We have developed a Startup Framework!

...hardly compares to the news that Jesus paid the price for our sins so we can have eternal life, but...
Helping to Launch

We have pooled our collective experience to develop a proprietary framework and processes proven to take the guesswork out of product ideation, development and go-to-market.

Helping to Scale

Our proprietary Upcode platform completely eliminates the technical issues to scaling by reducing the customer service costs through self-service features, international expansion with full i18n capability, search engine discovery through optimized machine readability/crawlability, white label partnerships through multi-tenant capabilities and more. On the marketing side, our network of practitioners will connect you with vetted specialists who are eager to help out!

Helping to Sustain

By connecting with our community and through access to our intentional living locations you will be able to find work/life balance and a connection to your Creator which will give you the extra edge you need to keep going.

“If God is with us, who can be against us?”
Romans 8:31
Our Advantage


Decades of startup experience with successful exits, mentoring at platinum tier Silicon Valley venture accelerators, teaching marketing and more.

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Proprietary startup springboard to save months of development and hundreds of thousands in costs.

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Proprietary Go To Market framework treats marketing as a science ensuring replicable sucess for even first time entrepreneurs.

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Structured curriculum to develop holistic mission driven entrepreneurs and prepare them for success.

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Partnered with Hyve International to give access to the largest Adventist entrepreneurial network.

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Access to Nurtured Tribe intentional communities for physical and spiritual health and sustainable lifestyle.

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Our Process

How to Apply


Startup Founder Assessment

There are many roles needed to run a startup, ensuring we have found that placing the right people in the right roles is a critical part of success and ultimately career satisfaction. Our survey will help us understand how to set you up for success.


Online Application

Help us get to know you on a professional level and see if there is a background fit. But do not worry if you do not have much experience, by completing the application you are automatically enrolled into our student directory and can have access to special events.


Video Introduction

Help us get to know you on a personal level and help us to understand your aspirations so we can align you to the right opportunities to help you find your purpose and calling.

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