Problem: Part-time evangelism is not enough!

What is stopping us from going all in?

It may seem impossible to do full time ministry, unless our business was our ministry...
Business is
Our Programs

Level Up

No matter where you are on your journey to full-time entrepreneurial evangelism we have programs and resources to help you level up.

Missional Entrepreneurship Academy



To enable accessible missional entrepreneurship we embrace two main models:

our ideas

Venture Studio

This program is ideal if you are looking to be a part of a team with veteran entrepreneurs and learn the ropes on how to start a company from the ground up using one of our ideas.

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your ideas


This program is for entrepreneurs who have a solid idea of their own and are looking for expert guidance to launch and scale. You can apply with your cofounders or be matched with our network.

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Capitalism for Ministry

We are not your average venture firm, 100% of our profits are invested into supporting ministry efforts and establishing intentional living communities. By partnering with us, your success will be a catalyst for something greater than yourself.

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